Draya Michele & Lil Duval Sex Tape ??


Earlier today comedian Lil’ Duval tweeted a picture of him and Draya Michele laying in bed together eating strawberries getting ready on set. The message attached says: Shooting a sex scene with #sodraya I told her we have to really practice this scene for it to come off real on camera”

I am sure its not a sex tape, butjust some hilarious  promo for MTV Hip Hop squares.



  • Nicolepretty

    Draya makes me nauseous. With her stupid pooh pooh face she always makes.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      LMAO I agree

  • Dark night

    alight alright bring it on 

  • new thing new year

    wtf is wrong with these people 😀

  • Jakal_bdpo1

    win win baby

  • KiaSoto

    draya is winning 

    • http://twitter.com/MissTruthHurts Miss Truth Hurts

      Bitch aint winning a damn thing. I’m tired of this slut at this point. I was SO on her side at first, but this chick gets dumber & sluttier by the week. #OfficiallyAnnoyed