Draya Creeping On Her Fiance Orlando Scandrick ?


It appears that Draya maybe up to her old tricks again and could possibly be cheating on the love of her life with a certain rapper…… Check out the blind item inside.

According to MTE:

She wonders why she has never been wife’d. This Basketball Wives Los Angeles star has always stood out from the rest. For one, she isn’t and never has been a wife. She isn’t even dating a basketball player. But the way things are going…she may never get a ring. Word is this BBWLA star is creeping on her NFL baller with a hip hop artist. Can you guys who we are talking about?


Everyone is trying to pin Drake to this, but I doubt it, Drake is pretty obvious with his selection of women…  Nine times out of ten he probably had her already!  To be honest this Blind Item was so obvious… They  should of named it, Draya  is creeping with *Inserts Name*…. Nevertheless are we surprised by Draya’s antics, if this is true!

  • CosmoBeauty

    Giving the fact that Drya likes clit more than dick, I’ll say the rapper could possibly be Queen Latifa or MC Lyte. #hosaintloyal

  • mb

    I saw this yesterday and immediately said Draya. I’m not surprised because her boyfriend is/has cheated on her.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      Yes, so it was only a matter of time before she started!