Draya Compares Herself And Boyfriend To The Carter’s Calls Them The “Greats” In New Web Series “Blame Draya”

Draya Michele seen leaving the Usher birthday party at Bootsy Bellows club in Los Angeles

Draya has a new Web Series that comes on YouTube called “Blame Draya” in this episode her and boyfriend Orlando are getting ready for a Charity Event in Dallas. Before leaving she has a little talk with her cousin, saying that everyone is equal and no making fun… Well she then proceeds to compare her and Orlando to Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

And so her cousin was like “No, that is disrespectful. More like Mr. and Mrs. West” meaning Kanye and Kim. LOL  and Draya proceeds to say “Well you have to compare yourself to the “GREATS” in order to be” I was rolling at her not wanting to acknowledge Kim and kanye as a power couple!.. But the kicker was when she was questioning her boo on who he was texting.  Remember he was put on blast for texting his ex?  In turn she basically informed Draya via social media… Sad.. Check out the third installment of their episode…

  • MrsGrapevine

    Daraya like the negative attention and being attacked on twitter, obviously. But the shade is the funniest, no one wants to be compared to the Wests, not even Draya. bwahahahhahahaha

  • Coffy Brown

    Yea, Im so tired of these couples comparing themselves to Bey and Jay – yall are no Bey and Jay – that position has already been filled. And with as messy of a past as in this relationship – that should tell you all you need to know – Id rather watch Kandi Koated Nights – IJS

  • Venessa Thomas

    Comical!!!!!!!!!!! No one is a POWER couple to me……they’re just a normal regular couple….what have they done to inspire or educate us and our youth?? That’s power to me though….I like them all, but (Power) nahhhh….

  • Gigi

    Draya is trying to shop this mess to get a reality show. Draya sounds like a simpleton. The sad thing is she represents whats wrong with so many women. Her cousin is just wasting his time talking to her because she just doesn’t have common sense. I stan for Bey and love her to death but what Oprah has done and the barriers she has broken for not only black women but for black people is unmatched in my opinion. Bey is more popular of course and that’s what these clueless idiots think is everything. Elle proved prophetic in what she said about everybody is on that Bey & Jay power couple trip and even a simpleton like Draya thinking she and her unknown nfl boyfriend are a rising power couple. Gagging laughing lol!!!!