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Drake & Rihanna Drop $17k On Strippers (video)



Drake and Rihanna are becoming attached to the hip since hooking up together in Dallas, now they are in the strip club making it rain together in Houston.

According to TMZ:
Sources at V Live Gentlemen’s Club tell us, Rihanna arrived around 2AM and Drake showed up about 30 minutes later following his show at the Toyota Center.
We’re told Drake threw down roughly $12,000 and Rihanna dumped an additional $5,000.
You can’t see Drake and Rihanna together in the video, but we’re told they sat side by side in the club — and eventually left together after 5AM. One source said the two were touchy-feely and looked like a couple.
Other sources at the club say the two spent closer to $17,000. According to staff, Drake was a big fan of dancers Miracle Watts, Lira Galore, and Jhonni Blaze.

Drake and RiRi reportedly tossed out so much cash, the strippers were stuck at the club until 6:30 am counting.

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  • MrsGrapevine

    Where dem dollars at? Rain Rain Rain make it make it rain. 17 stacks on entertainment and I complain about $10 movie tickets.

  • CosmoBeauty

    Only Tricks, Trick-off, their coins to Tricks. Strip joints look like they smell of fish, funky balls, and butt-hole. Just stank dirty… SMDH

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      Lol some do!!

  • Coffy Brown

    Damn it’s like the playas Club.. Money .. money .. yea money..lol – I know them hoes was excited – TWU – Donating to women bettering their lives! lmao I love it

  • Nic

    I think we’re all in the wrong profession. These hoes keep winning.

  • Keira

    I know Rihanna can live her life however she pleases. However in my humble opinion, she needs some positive balance I her life. I would be nice to see her cutting the ribbon to a new basic school in Barbados or giving back to some needy kids or just have her name attached to words thats not strippers, naked, ho, etc. jeez

  • http://TractHerTrailHer.com/ Meiqua

    I know they was happy!

  • HollywoodHiccups

    They are both vile, I cannot stand them.

  • Gossipthat

    That’s crazy


    Maybe I’m in the wrong profession. Lol

    • http://www.thegossipwrapup.com/ Nicola Gossips

      No chile. It all balances out in the end. No one is paying 40 and 50 year olds that kind of money to strip. Their struggle soon come. LOL

  • Venessa Thomas

    DAM!!!Dem strippers had a good night