Drake & His Dad Smash The Same Girl, Now She’s Pregnant?


Father-Son bonding gone horribly wrong…Baller Alert claims Drake and his father share more than chromosomes. They also love to share women. Are they participating in questionable behavior? Father and Son are taking this “loving of the crew” thing a little far. Somewhere in America, Young Berg just teared up in joy at the knowledge that finally, finally, someone caught an “L” harder them him.

Diary Of A Hollywood Street King is also stating that both Drake and his dad Dennis got it in with an Atlanta stripper by the name of “Alana”. It’s rumored that “Alana” is now with child. Who’s the daddy? Did Drake have sex with his little brother’s mother? That is disgusting. Fathers are NOT supposed to be running trains on girls with their sons. WTF. This is why the black community fails…because of “fathers” like this.



His daddy looks like a homeless street performer. Listen to the stripper talking to Drake’s dad about the pregnancy!

  • Venessa Thomas