Drake Feels That Rihanna is Needy ?


It appears there could be trouble in Paradise for Aubrhi, it’s been a while since we’ve seen them together, but it appears Drake has backed off because of Rihanna’s neediness…

According to Hollywood Life


RiRi doesn’t play when it comes to her heart and she’s letting Drake know about it by creating distance between the two of them, according to our source.

 “She’s mad at him a little bit because he told her ‘babe, you’re too

needy. Let me hustle babe. Let me work.’ That really hurt her feelings
because she really loves him and wants things to work out between

Drake’s comment has sent the island diva into a funk that she has yet to come out of.

“She’s being stubborn. When he told her she’s too needy, she was
like ‘all right n***a, I’ll show you needy’ and [she’s] been doing her own
thing since — trying to make him miss her. You know, all this high
school s**t,” our source added.

But the sources are saying that their relationship is still intact…. Sometimes you have to be like that.. No man wants a woman that he feels is needy… I love Rihanna, but girl…. Snap out of it! In the end Drake is still young, so he really won’t understand..! I hope they work it out!

  • Venessa

    Those naked pics that got her IG suspended though…

  • Gigi

    I believe it because she was acting needy when she was with Chris.