Donald Trump’s Unapologetic Support of Neo-Nazi Rhetoric ?

“So They Say, Donald Trump, Is Not Racist!” ~ One of the most troubling, and upsetting aspects of this political race is the fact that Donald Trump has over a long period, been retweeting or approvingly citing different white supremacists and Neo-Nazis organizations online. Once might be an accident….four times is a pattern. So aligning himself with Breitbart News should come as no surprise to anyone, especially African-Americans.
image1We’ve said this from the start.  African-American peeped game from way back in the 70’s when Trump was sued by the government for racist practices at his buildings.

Rather than go to court, Trump chose to settle. This is the man who swore he didn’t know who David Duke was when he was asked to denounce Duke’s political endorsement.

And this was also the man who claimed to be in the “heart of Milwaukee” last night but was actually 40 miles away in a Wisconsin suburb of 95% whites telling us why he’s our “Great White Hope!” So this Trump…..the real Trump isn’t new to us But for the rest of the world, this is Donald Trump coming out of the proverbial closet…the political closet that is!

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