Donald Trump Offends People…Again


Of all the celebrities that I wish would just go away never to be heard from again, Donald Trump has to be one of the only ones that I would personally start a GoFundMe account for just to raise the money to purchase him a one way ticket to Mars if and when those trips ever become available. This guy is the king of putting his big ol’ funky foot in his mouth and apparently his interns aren’t the brightest crayons in the box either. Case in point, Trump’s recent campaign promo pic that was uploaded to his Twitter page today featured a picture of Trump, $100 and Nazi soldiers. Yes, you read that right, Nazis, like Adolph Hitler WWII Nazis. The kind that weren’t to fond of Jewish people, or any people that weren’t blond haired and blue eyed. Somehow, someone had mistaken the Nazi soldiers for US troops.


This is the pic that the “intern” put on Twitter

When asked how Donald and his camp could make such a huge mistake they did the only right thing to do in a situation like this, they blamed an intern.

Via E! News:

“Mr. Trump has been in Charlottesville, Virginia all day at the opening of a development. A young intern created and posted the image and did not see the very faded figures within the flag of the stock photo,” the statement read. “The intern apologized and immediately deleted the tweet.”

Now I’m going to go ahead and give Trump and his side swooped hairdo the side eye because I understand interns make mistakes but this is the same man that is constantly making negative remarks about minorities so slip ups like this just seem too coincidental. In any case, this latest issue hasn’t slowed Trump down in the polls and he actually is still leading in the race for GOP presidential candidates.

On second thought, if he wins I just might buy myself that ticket to Mars for myself smh.



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