DMX arrested AGAIN!

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When will this guy learn? DMX was arrested in South Carolina yesterday for driving on a suspended license. It happened at the airport in Spartanburg in the terminal where he was driving CRAZY and of course the officers noticed him right away. According to the Spartanburg County Detention Center website he was charged with driving on a suspended licensed, having no car tags or insurance. The rapper was in jail for three hours before he was released on bond. This is his third time getting into trouble within the last three months! Back in August he got a citation for marijuana procession, July he was driving drunk with no license, and not to mention his troubled passed over years from violating probation to animal cruelty. DMX is too old to be doing the same things he was doing when he was in his 20’s. DMX will be 42 next month! C’mon man get your life together! He will appear on the Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday.

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