Diddy Denies Fighting With J.Cole At Jay Z’s VMA Afterparty



Bad news always travel fast and Diddy is clearing the air! The hip hop mogul took to twitter to address the alleged rumor about fighting with J.Cole at THE Dream Hotel where Jay Z’s private Dussé cognac party was held. Originally Diddy tweeted something suggesting that an altercation did happen, and friends talk to loud- that tweet has been deleted according to one of our faithful viewers. However, we have learned when celebrities address a particular rumor, there’s normally some truth in it!  Diddy said they did argued loudly but did not fight.

Diddy took to twitter and posted:

“I usually don’t address rumors but I got too much respect for my bro @JColeNC. We are friends The rumors are not true. We had a great party”


diddy fight tweet



  • Coffy Brown

    That was an off the books settlement – And really thats how shie shoul dbe handled – behind closed doors! I still think JCole woul dtake Diddy ass ( he strike me as the kind that like to dance around punches!

  • Venessa Thomas

    I wonder what REALLY happened though, because they’re holding back

  • Mv

    This is not the original tweet that was posted yesterday by Diddy. They did have an altercation and social media spilled the beans. Now other media outlets have got wind of the story. Diddy original tweet confirmed something happened by saying “sometimes friends talk loud”.

    • KiaSoto

      thank you I will add that to the story, we all know when someone addresses a rumor they normally confirm it lol