Did Tyler Perry Steal Idea For His Hit Movie Temptation & The Madea Character?

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Just like a queen to steal someone else’s idea and make it their own. This is not the first time Tyler Perry is being accused of stealing.. I heard that the character of Madea was originally done by Ms. Sophia and if you don’t know who that is, he/she use to be a co host on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show here in Atlanta. He said that he would perform the character of Madea and Tyler would come to one of his shows and watch him perform.. I will have that video inside of him referencing to that.

William James of Gary, Ind., has accused Tyler of jacking his movie concept and turning it into Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, TMZ reports.

The film has earned $49 million since its Easter weekend debut, and William wants his take. According to the screenwriter, he wrote Lovers Kill, a screenplay that he apparently circulated far and wide. Williams’ film is centered on a married couple whose union is threatened when the wife has an affair.

In Temptation, Jurnee Smollett portrays a woman whose infidelity leads to marital strife.

It’s unclear exactly how similar the concepts are, but William will likely need more than that loose, somewhat clichéd story outline to prove copyright infringement by Tyler.

Also, he’ll have to prove that Tyler had access to his script, which doesn’t seem certain at this point. William reportedly gave a copy of the script to someone who knows Oprah Winfrey. Whether Tyler actually laid eyes on it, is still unclear.

  • Yazmar

    SMH….I wouldn’t doubt this happened

  • http://www.impeccableimperfections.com/ Ciera Chantál | CheckoutMyBlog

    People always trying to get paid off of someone else’s come up….

  • http://www.facebook.com/twana.tells Twana Tells

    I heard Tyler has stole his ideas from a few folks in the industry

  • http://TractHerTrailHer.com/ Meiqua

    Well he put the character out there they didn’t. Nothing new under the sun no way everybody repeats something.. case and point look at today’s fashion.. right back to the 80s!

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  • http://twitter.com/CottenKandi COTTENKANDI.COM

    Somebody’s just trying to cash in.

  • http://www.thegossipwrapup.com/ Nicola Gossips

    Welcome to Hollywood. It’s why your supposed to submit scripts through a literary agent, harder to steal that way. So many stories have the same idea or general plot line, it doesn’t mean they were stolen.