Did Lady Gaga Steal Music For Her Latest Single?

lady gaga

Lady Gaga is facing  more controversy this week over her newly released single with R&B singer R. Kelly. The song, titled “Do What U Want”, is drawing increasing criticism from fans for sounding suspiciously similar to “The Deep”, a track on emerging dance-pop duo Dance With The Dead’s debut album, set for release tomorrow.

Story from  PRNEWSWIRE:

Both songs share the same musical key, and feature a virtually identical pulsating synth riff and drum pattern. Both are approximately 97 beats per minute, giving them the exact same driving dance rhythm. And though each song ultimately travels in a different musical direction, it seems entirely plausible that whoever programmed Miss Gaga’s new hit took a little too much creative license in borrowing from the music of Dance With The Dead.

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  • Coffy Brown

    Lmao – I mean it’s not a far cry from fudging youtube views – IJS

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye’m not surprised, she’s a known music thief. Hell she stole Born this way from Madonna….and a head title from a fucking Twitter fan. How low can a bitch really go???