Did I Piss The Dream Off? and Keyshia Cole Responds….


By now we all heard the interview Dream did with Power 105 ,where he talked about no longer working with Keyshia Cole. The Dream spoke highly on Beyonce and her being like family and all.  The Dream did not like the negative feedback he received after saying he would not work with Keyshia Cole again. 

Guess “The Dream”  did not like what I had to say- because shortly after I posted my thoughts he went on a twitter rant!  Now at  first, I didn’t think it was about my post, until the last part where he tweeted, “I know I ain’t all that and there are other great producers and writers blah blah blah”  So did I piss off “The Dream”? Check his twitter rant


Now normally I don’t pay any mind to people and the things that they say after I speak, but seriously Dream no need to explain yourself and how you were just “Talking” and Yes i’m glad you are aware you are not one of the greatest producers such as Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Pharell.. ……..and so forth ….I mean do I need to go on?  You are a talented guy who makes hot songs, but you’re forgettable.

I mean you talk about loyalty but in reality you have none. Because if you did you would still be with the chicks who birthed your children instead of leaving them for shallow ass reasons.

You basically got lucky being producers for Jay and Beyonce and there is nothing wrong with that, but be humble sir. You never know when the next hot producer will come and take your crown.


Then you will be doing interviews saying how you ‘USE’ to produce or work with these artist… Do I have to remind you of the Mariah Carey fiasco….? I didn’t think so! I do ‘LIKE’ your music though and I jam to it if i’m listening to Pandora, Spotify or I heart radio…. Or especially when in the clubs. Bottom line when Keyshia was hot and had her reality show you made sure to be a presence on there showing that you were working on her album…. Just don’t forget where you came from and where your at now…. Anywho Keyshia responds too, but ****shrugs shoulders****


Just my two cents… Take it or leave it….

  • Venessa Thomas

    Fuck The Dream!!!!!!!!!!!! they are ALL old…so on with the next plz….sick of seeing and hearing bout all of em….except Rihanna….gotta stick with my generation…since when a person can’t speak their thoughts??? They ALL will SOON be replaced……


    The Dream Needs To Go Away

  • http://TractHerTrailHer.com/ Meiqua

    I’m with The Dream… Loyalty means everything to me!

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  • HollywoodHiccups

    Another person who likes to hear the sound of his own voice….