Did Future Write Drunk In Love For Beyonce, ?


Future debuted a song at SXSW called Good Morning and it sounds a lot like Drunk In Love.  It was produced by Detail, one of the guys behind “Drunk in Love,” and was recorded for Future’s upcoming album Honest, but ultimately cut from the track list.

The songs have a lot in common: They’re about being so in love that you’re super, super horny, and notably both have the characteristically Future so-childlike-it’s-really-deep lyric: “We be all night.” Beyonce is listed as a writer along with Jay-z, detail, and others. Future is not listed as a writer..

On stage in Texas, Future explained: “I was recording with this producer by the name of Detail, we was working on the ‘Drunk in Love.’ And we started working on this other record at the same time, and then once ‘Drunk in Love’ came out, it pushed this song to the side, but at the same time it’s one of my favorite songs that didn’t make the album.”

While “Drunk in Love” is all about the the highs of monogamous love and sex, “Good Morning” touches on how raw real love can be. To the woman he would do anything to wake up next to, Future sings: “Ain’t neither one of us perfect / We just scratching the surface / You would think we did it on purpose / I don’t know if it’s virtue / I don’t know if I hurt you / Everything is worth it.”  Future’s  rep tells BuzzFeed “he was NOT involved in working on ‘Drunk in Love.’” but he clearly opened his mouth to say the opposite!

Bey even took the the “We be all night” and changed it to “We Bey all night” so that it appears she wrote it with a personal spin. I’m sure the producer had alot to do with this.



  • Venessa Thomas

    NAH!! She writes her own stuff

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  • Coffy Brown

    Yo his version of drunk in love is sick! Cant wait fir that album to drop!!!! I love this dude music!

  • http://www.calvinblanco.com/ Calvin Blanco

    Beyonce out in Europe somewhere laughing at this guy claiming he wrote Drunk in Love.

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn