Did Erica Mena Bust It Wide Open For Rihanna?


According to Erica it happened. I guess she is so pressed to be famous that she will kiss and tell with anyone who has more status than her. … I think Rihanna would because Erica is not an ugly chick and let Chris tell you RiRi is bi sooooo… I wouldn’t be shock if this had some truth to it! According to our friends over at DHSK Erica herself on blast again stating that her and Rihanna got it on in the back of an SUV. The fact that you will talk about the fiasco now that the girl is famous, says alot about her.

Erica says her girl-on-girl sex session with RiRi happened in the back of an SUV , a few years back. That’s after the reality star says she was “so high” before finding herself in the vehicle with RiRi, two other girls, and two of the pop singer’s fingers up inside of her. Read the rest HERE at HSK ….