Did Brandy Get Dropped From Her Record Label RCA ?



Did RCA drop Brandy from their Label? You really haven’t been seeing that much of her lately, but I was doing some snooping on the label’s website  and her name is no where on the roster.

If she has been dropped, they did it on the “LOW, LOW… Or her contract could of been up and she decided not to renew. I mean she should go independent or maybe she is in the process of signing with a new label. I still have hope that Brandy didn’t totally get cut off. But she isn’t hurting, especially with Moesha being in syndication. I loved Brandy’s last album, it was truly a great one.. Let the truth be told, Brandy ain’t worried about nothing! I just want to know why is Yung Joc signed to RCA? I thought he was done…..




  • lilkunta

    brandy is so talented. she needs better promo.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Dang….they dropped her

    • Anonymous

      they did NOT drop anybody, RCAA has lots of MEDIOCRE TALENT on its roster, no way she got dropped. If she’s not there, she left on her own

  • mb

    Brandy’s last album was good.

  • Nic

    They are also saying that this photo was posted to signify her current issues with her label. I don’t know if it was taken immediately after she was dropped or what……but this photo says a lot if you ask me.

    • Listen

      dummy the photo does not signify anything it was Brandy’s alter ego photo shoot with Derek Banks. SMH see this is how dummies jump into conclusions

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  • Coffy Brown

    Love the photo too boo – And I wonder – keep us informed – Interested in whether she is not their voluntarily or involuntarily! She is talented and not broke but why does her music not take like I think it should – two eleven was some fire though!!

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Elle Brooklyn

      Yes it was, I was just listening to that album the other day!

  • Gossipthat

    I like this photo