Deelishes Confirms That Wiz and Amber’s Divorce is Final

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Wiz and Amber’s divorce is final according to Deelishes, after people began talking about her and Wiz being a couple…. She took to social media to confirm everything.


In her first official statement regarding their relationship Deelishis confirms Wiz and Amber Rose’ divorce is indeed final…

Deelishsis tells Media Outrage,
“I Just want to confirm that he and I are friends, and that he is DIVORCED full and complete.”
“And I would’ve never taken an interest with a married man. We’re Just friends…at this time.”


Speaking of Amber, apparently she’s in some hot water , after a promoter accuses Amber Rose of bailing on an appearance AFTER receiving her money… Over the weekend Amber Rose notified fans that she wouldn’t be appearing at a club in South Carolina as advertised, accusing the promoter of not fulfilling his end of the agreement.

What Amber didn’t count on was the promoter putting her on blast and posting his receipts online.

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  1. Why is Deelishis even speaking on the state of Amber and Wiz marriage or lack there of smh. The thirst is so real smh.

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