Daria The Movie Trailer


We all remember MTV’s Daria the cartoon? I use to love watching this show. In this mock movie trailer, College Humor sends Daria back to Lawndale to attend the class of 2002 high school reunion. Actress Aubrey Plaza does a dead-on Daria impression, mastering her monotone voice and awkward gestures. We can only imagine what new insights an adult Daria has to offer us. Somebody get Hollywood on the phone and make this happen.

  • Coffy Brown

    That would be the best thing ever! I freakin loved that cartoon!

  • http://www.impeccableimperfections.com/ Ciera Chant├íl | CheckoutMyBlog

    omg I used to love Daria.

  • Gumbumper

    I don’t think I will be watching this, lol

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  • Starstruckpress

    I use to love love love this show. I must admit the movie doesn’t look that promising, but I’ll give it a chance

  • Venessa Thomas