Damon Dash With Redman says “He Taught Jay How To Be Self Sufficient”

chaka dame dash jay z

I guess this is going to be  a reoccurring theme, watching  Dame be bitter about Jay and continuously dwelling at all the things he’s  taught and done for Jay back in the day…  He once again is yapping and patting himself on the back for getting Jay to where he was back then…… Co signing his ego is Redman, but I want to know what was really going through Red’s mind as he was sitting there listening…. I hate when people do that “I made you ish.”

In case you don’t want to watch here is some cliff notes:

Dame says: “I know what I do,I make people rich. So, I can’t be down. As long as Jay is rolling how can I be down? As long as Kanye is rolling how can I be down? Nobody beat them yet. I have no reason to come back out of retirement. Just cause they doing it without me that’s still me right there. Every time I see that nigga I’m like ‘Psh. Y’all think I’m mad? I’m happy.’ The bigger he get the bigger I am. *Pause*

Just for your information, When people think about Jay Z,  Dame Dash does not come to mind. Continue on below…

“Unless my ego would get involved, but that’s fuckin—that’s corny. I don’t have a vagina. You know what I’m saying? I don’t want that nigga to go away. I want that nigga to win. And make me look good. The more he win, the more I look good. That’s my motto…I never locked none of them niggas up like slaves. Right or wrong? They could all walk away, which they all did…Dipset, Cam, Jim, Jay, Kanye, they all living, right? They all eating. I taught em all. All of them how to do it.”

Yes, Dame made them who they were in the beginning, but they do not owe Dame credit to their success as it is post-Dame… He speaks truth, but WHY everytime this man does an interview or PSA, Jay, Ye and others have to be the topic of conversation….?  He is starting to really sound like a bitter ex that just can’t let go of the past….. You got Jay, on tour making money with his wife….. Like get a life!



  • cottenkandi

    Dame sounds bitter about their friendship ending. He needs to let it go. Jay never even talks about him, at least not to the press or publicly. He needs a page out of that book. Furthermore Jay was able to sustain and surpass Dame. Maybe Dame should have learned a thing or two from Jay Z.

  • mb

    I said this a couple of post ago. Dame and Jay will never be friends again and Dame is bitter. He needs to stop putting Camron and Jim Jones in the same sentence as Jay Z & Kanye. Cam & Jim aren’t household names, neither is Dame Dash. Dame is annoying!

    • http://www.tattletailzz.com Kia Soto

      exactly!! not in the same sentence