Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant Goes To Walmart and Purchase Playstation 4’s For Everyone

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I should have been where he was, Dez Bryant who plays for the Dallas Cowboys was being a good Samaritan at a Dallas Walmart. Wide receiver Dez Bryant made an unannounced appearance and began buying PS4s for anxious customers. The generous occurrence was spotted by TMZ, which reports that Bryant showed up around midnight and bought PS4s for six gamers waiting in line.

The store had received a shipment of nine PS4s for the console’s big midnight release, all of which Bryant purchased on the spot. The wideout’s arrival at the store was a complete surprise, according to a Walmart manager, who deemed the incident “a random act of kindness.” Even though Bryant already had a custom made game console sent to him a day earlier, he still had some things he needed to pick up the make is gaming experience better. So he headed to store at midnight once the PS4 dropped.  I guess maybe he is trying to revive his tarnished image after slapping his mother last year…After she wanted him to leave her home. Crazy….  I was about to give him a compliment, but I will keep it to myself.

  • CosmoBeauty

    Sad part is folks are raising generations full of Dummies. Video games cause kids to become introverted, violent, and lack social skills. I would have gave Dude Kudos if they reported that he opened up a library or paid for a person’s college tuition. Never knew that he slapped his mother but if he did then that clarifies my comment. Dummy!

  • Coffy Brown

    Great Gesture – but hhe’ll have to do a lot more to show me he’s kind hearted – as far as I can see he just had a kind moment – So disgusted when I heard he doid that to his moms!

  • Venessa Thomas

    He slapped his mom???? WTF??

  • Nic

    He waited til midnight tho. Who’s in Walmart at midnight on a Thurs? It’s like handing out turkeys at 3am on Thanksgiving. Smart move Dez.

    • Coffy Brown

      Boo – those people was out side the store earlier than that just to get in line – it was crazy!

  • KiaSoto

    dayum he slapped his mother – whoa