Counterfeit Cassidy Attempts To Discredit Bill Cosby Failed


When you take something that is not authentic or your own original idea and pass it off as if it’s real or yours — you have committed a crime – morally and criminally! Unfortunately, so many people get away with it that it becomes the norm, but does it make it right? When we as society accept criminal minded behavior, lies, fraud and wrongdoings purposely against other humans we become desensitized and ignorant.

What it does is make you second guess the person creating the counterfeit “goods” – tangible or not. In this case we have an original interview that has been distorted — chopped up and screwed to make it appear creepy and 100% authentic….
Recently tabloid outlets, National Enquirer and RadarOnline published a short edited audio clip from an interview that Cassidy McMillian claim she was granted by Bill Cosby in 2011 regarding her bullying documentary.

The email correspondence below shows that Mr. Cosby did an interview with Daood Obaid in April, 2011. Obaid asked Cosby if McMillian could listen in on the conversation but not for the purpose of her documentary. McMillian was only allowed on the call to discuss bullying – also Cosby allowed Obaid to record the interview because Obaid said, “I would like to make sure you’re quoted correctly.”

Please see original email below —
Dear Mr. David Brokaw:
Hello I’m Daood Obaid and I interviewed Dr. Bill Cosby and the Vice President Dr. Heffernan of Verbum Dei High School/Financial challenge to keep the school open for “Our Weekly,” and the “Los Angeles, Watts Times newspapers of 2009.
The subject matter of bullying has been on the rise for sometimenow and I would like to interview Dr. Bill Cosby regarding Canada’s case of Dawn-Marie Wesley who at the age of 14 hung herself subsequent of being bullied along with the national crisis of this issue. Ms. Cassidy McMillian created a play specifically to Dawn-Marie Wesley and a documentary “Rats & Bullies.” With Dr. Bill Cosby’s permission I would like to include Ms. Cassidy McMillian in a three-way discussion of bullying.


Clearly, Cassidy McMillan did not conduct the interview and was, in fact, an interviewee. So almost five years later an edited audio clip appears while the media is already dragging down a man who has denied everything…What a conscience—even while I listening to the clip you can hear for yourself that the audio has been edited –chopped and screwed!!

The original hour long interview was in regards to bullying – and the version that is edited sounds as if Cosby is just throwing things from the left, when in reality the point and cases Cosby raised were the Compton case and the Cleveland Texas Case. See for yourself, during “The Cleveland Texas” case the defense lawyer asked the girl if she had made any sexual advances to the boy and then its quoted as saying it did not matter because she is 11 and cannot consent– this is the point it appears Cosby was trying to make in this interview

People wonder why Bill Cosby is quiet – and not addressing the allegations….I would be quiet too – if everything I said was twisted, distorted and used against me. Makes me ask, and you should be asking too, was the original person who was granted the interview, Obaid, ok with how McMillian misrepresented herself to these media outlets about interviewing Cosby for her own documentary? Or did he give her permission to release an edited altered audio misrepresenting the interview?

I question, why did Cassidy McMillian misrepresent herself to tabloid sites, National Enquirer and RadarOnline, about the interview with Bill Cosby that she did not conduct? What does she have to gain? Why is she not releasing the hour long audio? McMillian started several donation accounts including a Go Fund me account to raise money for her documentary — on bullying.

 Now – McMillian’s integrity and reputation is questionable – professionally and ethically. Documentaries are fact based. Will she be able to do a documentary on bullying factually –when her actions are representing those of a bully? Can we take her work seriously due to documented questionable ethics? Recently she hailed Gloria Allred as a “champion” and said she believed the women on a podcast to KABC…. McMillian seems to be promoting bullying and the bullies — maybe that’s why she hasn’t been able to finish her documentary on a matter that she may not totally comprehend.

It appears she presented a distorted knock off version of the original audio clip to these media outlets. So are the media outlets now accepting “stolen and or counterfeit goods”? Makes me wonder why didn’t the media outlets do their homework- but it’s possible and has been proven that many media outlets are ok with spreading an edited altered version of the truth – I would imagine it would benefit their massive media manipulation –and their constant smear campaign against Bill Cosby. Also, using Bill Cosby’s name gains more web traffic which generates more ad revenue…it’s all about the “clicks” and not the facts, perhaps? But hey I am just a blogger with integrity trying to spread the truth….

When people intentionally deceive others and they have no regards, remorse or it doesn’t bother them consciously – be afraid be very afraid…
Here is a great article on what readers expectations should be when reading news….


Contributors: Jen Vickers & Kia Soto


16 thoughts on “Counterfeit Cassidy Attempts To Discredit Bill Cosby Failed

    1. Good question. I sent a PM to Daood Obaid asking that question. Was it him that removed it? Was it our weekly? And why was it removed after being up for 4 years? I await his response. I have a feeling it will never come.

      There was a comment by McMillan in Philly com that she was working with what she called the “moderator” of what she was representing as her interview, on removing the article. The person she was calling the moderator was obviously Mr. Obaid. Shortly thereafter, the article disappeared and she scrubbed off a whole lot of comments she made about the whole thing.

      Trying to re-write the history of this, at which she failed, it appears. Why was Obaids Our Weekly article removed and taking part in that for some reason? Probably only Obaid can answer that.

      1. Stranger as of last night. has closed all 400 comments on its message page pertaining to this article. Its therefore not visible to the public. If the one hour tape could be provided that would help with understanding the true story.

        1. Must be kind of inconvenient for and the writer of that piece, Nick Vadala when he and it jumped all over this, and it got so quickly exposed as trash. So they had to close the comment section. Don’t want to stop that click revenue or the smear though do they, by actually pulling the article? Just the comments exposing it for what it was.

          So the original article got pulled with no legitimate explanation after 4 years. The full tape is still missing in action. Obaid is not answering. McMillan scrubbed everything she could. And the crap article is still running like nothing happened with the comment section proving something serious happened, closed off.

  1. What I’m wondering is this. Why did our weekly took down the article for. If it’s supposed to be so like you say. Wasn’t it that the interview of Mr Cosby supposed to of happened in April of 2011. So how could the group on Facebook (BC supporters and friends ) have an copy of the email from the guy that says he done the interview and the email clearly has the date March 28 2011 when the interview took place in April? Just wondering.

  2. I don’t feel that anything that this woman writes or serves until she release(or is made to release by law) the unedited version of this interview. PEACE!!!

  3. Thank you, Kia Soto and Jen Vickers for helping to expose this terrible smear campaign which Cassidy McMillan helped set into motion against Dr Bill Cosby. Some people will do anything for publicity and cash; even lie about rape and Cassidy McMillan is no exception. She has willingly sacrificed her dignity and credibility by plagiarizing another person’s work and shamelessly misrepresenting an interview about bullying and turned it into an ugly attack on another man’s character. Most of the women who have lied about Dr Bill Cosby will fall into obscurity and the cheap headlines they have provoked will be quickly forgotten but I sincerely hope the name of Cassidy McMillan is remembered. I hope she is remembered as a plagiarist, a liar, a hypocrite and a woman who has no business lending her corrupt voice to documentary film making. People should remember the name of Cassidy McMillan as a disgrace to her profession.

  4. Excellent article. From what I have seen lately “truth” is something sadly lacking in todays media. It seems to be an anything goes for sales or instant clicks. Its a breath of fresh air to see someone like you actually investigate something instead of just jumping on the band wagon.

  5. Ms. McMillan has scrubbed all of her comments on com message page about who conducted the interview, but the one below which she refers to a comment that I made in reference to the interview portion in which Cosby says “I remember a young lady that…. I knew, who was raped, And came home and reported it, and her father blamed her for it and would hear nothing, about going after the boy.”

    CassidyMcMillan Juggling For A Cure • 4 days ago

    What Teresa quoted from and posted is inaccurate, unauthorized and are not the accurate words of Mr. Cosby or me. And Teresa posting an assumption of who Mr. Cosby is referring to in regard to a “young lady” he knew who was raped, is in my opinion, a disservice to Mr. Cosby. Teresa is not in Mr. Cosby’s mind, she cannot possibly know who Mr. Cosby was referring to and for her to speak for Mr. Cosby who she has never met (from what she wrote), is disturbing.

    In response to the article I wrote a comment that those words in the 2011 interview referred to Dr. Cosby’s daughter Erinn who was raped. I made that conclusion as the topic of rape had been addressed by him, he had already mentioned his other daughter who had been a victim of bullying, The interview addressed bullying of a 14 year old who hung herself after being bullied and threatened. I had just seen the Phil Donahue Show posted on Youtube where his daughter discussed how she had been raped, I had read an article by Dr. Cosby from 2014 and the interviewer noted that Cosby kept referring back to his murdered son Ennis throughout the course of the interview. Parents who have several children will often think of more than one child when talking to others. These were logical assumptions on my part.

    Ms. McMillan then urged me to go to the National Enquirer and read the article for myself. I in fact did so, but to my shock I discovered that along side the 2011 edited interview that the Enquirer posted there was an mini-anaylization by Dr. Gilda Carle (Dr. Love MTV Online) who interpreted the 2011 interview and offered her assumptions. To date Ms. McMillan has not said that Carle made any disservice to Cosby because Dr. Carle conclusions were negative not positive (as mine were). This demonstrates the true bias she has against Dr. Cosby.

    Ms. McMillan said she had an ethical duty to disclose this to the general public. She told Allred on KABC courtroom 790 it was HER interview and because Cosby is silent and won’t speak she had to disclose the interview. She further told Allred she believed the women. Many people demanded the hour long interview so they could be provided the context so they could judge for themselves. She could not produce it or will not produce it for us to review. Now after reading this article its clear that Obaid knew Cosby and was the one that conducted the interview. She had told the posters that she was some moderator which made no sense to me as Cosby only asked for her approval in the interview and she did not ask any questions to Dr. Cosby.

    The Ourweekly page has suddenly disappeared after people had questions about who truly conducted the interview it seems to me that it would make more sense for Cosby to have agreed to an interview with Obaid who posted Cosby’s other interview in 2009 in Ourweekly rather than someone who was a complete stranger to him.

  6. Thank you for exposing this Kia. I saw Cassidy’s posts before she took them down and not only would she not answer a direct question while she was spewing questionable information, she said she didn’t do this. She lied and said it was her interview. She lied and said she didn’t authorize this. She just lied and lied and lied. Look at the posts she made of the hate group sites. I suspect she jumped on the bandwagon to make some money off the Cosby smear. No one knew who she was, and she’s been begging for money.

    I would also like to know about Obaid and whether he authorized Cassidy to use this interview and to edit it any way she saw profitable. Doesn’t Dr. Cosby have any say in how his interview is cut and edited?

    And for Cassidy to have anything to say about bullying is laughable. How did she become an expert anyway? She aligned herself with some of the most offensive and worst bulliers I have ever witnessed. BTW, even tho she removed her posts as fast as she could when she was caught in her deceit, there are copies. And I certainly hope that she does not get away with this. I think we are all pretty sick and tired of seeing the unethical and unjust smear campaign and all the lies and frauds. We need to know there is some accountability for lies, fraud and law breaking.

  7. Excellent article. I am in the middle of doing one myself on this but I didn’t have the email to prove what I suspected and Daood Obaids 2011 article got pulled down. Ms. McMillan said she was working with the “moderator” of her interview. I was wondering how it was supposed to be her interview when there was obviously 3 people there, Daood was listing himself, and the least important of the lot was obviously McMillan.

    What I am wondering is if Dr. Cosby had specific rights to the use of this interview and in what format, as it certainly wasn’t intended to be hacked up out of context and spliced together into not quite 3 minutes of splicing and dicing and sold off to National Smear and Garden. And certainly not by what was obviously a last minute guest add in that was being done a favor to even be there.

    Possibly Ms. McMillan will show up here and comment herself. I would love to see her explanation on this and where the supposed other 58 minutes of the recording is supposed to be. My article is not done yet, so maybe she would like to clear the record on this in her words.

  8. Thank you Kia Soto Wilson and Jen Vickers for pointing this out and proving it with the email from Daood Obaid that set this up his interview to begin with. I pretty well knew this is what happened. McMillan tried to defend this as her interview and saying Daood Obaid was just a moderator brought in, as can be proven by screen shots of her comments that were taken before she scrubbed them off the net. This washed out about as well as if I claimed that because I have a comment here, your article is actually mine and Tattletailz is mine to use as I please also.

    National Enquirer. Suckered! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

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