Could “Tiny’s Former Friend” Kiesha Miles Have A Child With T.I.P?


Okay this could be a stretch, but this used to be one of Tiny’s best friends and all of a sudden you never saw her again, until a new reality show came on called Pregnant and Dating.

Kiesha used to be on the show Tiny and Toya with TINY all the time, especially when they were trying to get the OMG girlz together….

Anywho Keisha took to her Instagram to talk about how thankful she is about her child, but when someone posted a comment asking if she was the women that TIP gotten pregnant, she reposted the question and kept it positive….

The sad part about this whole thing is, T.I. has several women to choose from, when it comes to who he could have fathered a child with…. We did think at one time it was Hannah Kang, but she quickly denied the rumor….. This Keisha chick left Atlanta and now lives in LA………. Marinate on that for a minute….She was also on that show Pregnant and Dating:


kil kk lit

At the end of the day genetics are tricky and the only way this can be solved if a DNA happened, but TIP’s genes aren’t strong at all… All of his kids look like their mother’s, they just have is his peasy hair!Besides Major and King.

She re-posted the question of the person asking about the baby being T.I.P.’s then stating that she is trying to keep things positive…. Trifling, if this is true…

Somebody need to spill some tea…..This can very well be true and I wonder why her and TINY fell out..We know he has a baby somewhere, it’s just a matter of time before the cat is out the bag and the image that TIP is working so hard to maintain will be shattered, because of his shadiness!.  Poor Tiny if true….

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  • mb

    I happened to be channel surfing one night and stumbled on the show Pregnant and Dating and I immediately recognized Keisha. I wondered why you never see pictures of Tiny and Keisha together, especially since Tiny is in LA often. I really hope this is not true. I mean, TI is cheater, can’t he find women to cheat with that are not close friends with his wife?

  • Sweet Tea ATL

    If I were Tiny I wouldnt be able to have no damn friends! Id keep any female friend/family I had 500 feet anyway from T.I. fine self at all times… no comin to the house… no group dinners no nothin lol

    • SimoniaMeChelle

      “That’s wassup!” Off top she had too many females around. Her first & most lethal mistake wit a hustla husband. “Lady i have always done it that way, hang out for fun wit the girls away from the hubby.” Tiny was toooo trusting!”

  • Coffy Brown

    It is absolutely tea time – Where is the brewer? Cause if this is accurate – that bitch is as ratchet as they come! SMH – when it rains it pours…

  • cottenkandi

    Wow!!!! A mess if true.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Tiny need ta beat that azz!!

  • Guest

    Wow this is crazy as hell. I feel bad if this is true for Kiesha.

  • Real Entertainment News

    This is crazy as hell yo, if this is true then this chick is dirty lol lol. Then again what do you expect from a Ratchet