Chuck D Addresses Bill Cosby Legacy On Twitter

The hip-hop legend and Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D says Bill Cosby’s legacy shouldn’t be destroyed because of the allegations he is facing.  Cosby, who turns 78 on Sunday, has never been charged with a crime nor has he admitted to giving women drugs without their consent. 

Chuck D tweets “A public figure can only be someone you pick qualities from and add to you, if chosen. Eat what’s edible leave the bones where they may.. Fkn stupid USA. My own father is 77 why would I listen watch a TV actor as a father figure?We have to look real people in eyes & not images”


chuck d

“No way Im defending Cosby. But this wiping history out wit a swoop is akin to Nazi book burning,” he wrote.

He tweets on when he met Bill Cosby, “Only encounter w BCosby,was at Apollo talking to rappers,mainly WillSmith.About traps etc,money.I listened far in corner radically w respect”

Chuck D also brought up producer Phil Spector, who was convicted of killing actress Lana Clarkson in 2009. Even though Spector is serving 19 years to life, people still listen to the music he produced.

“Context is everything,” the rapper tweeted. “Phil Spector still plays.”

I appreciate everyone’s opinion on here. I detest silence in society. Stand up, sht. Be a adult & fkn sPEak/type your minds don’t be a robot.

I agree with Chuck D, learn the facts and stop allowing the media to twist the truth.





3 thoughts on “Chuck D Addresses Bill Cosby Legacy On Twitter

  1. I agree with Chuck D.

    When I look at all the positive Bill Cosby has done that is real, its very much real for several reasons. It is a total mixed bag for one, even on the image. The image people were seeing in one setting wasn’t near the identical thing in another setting, another show, a stand up routine, his comedy records. If people even watched the outtakes from The Cosby Show, and as Malcom Jamal Warner said quite clearly in a interview, the out takes had out takes they couldn’t put on a out take real, it would have probably been closer to the person behind the character, but still not a full picture. Nobody knows another in full unless they can get that close and have that honest of a relationship to get that close.

    The image and message if people did it right, is what they pulled out of it for themselves they liked. If they overwrote him in their minds that the image and message they saw was the total reality of the person, that is their fault. If their motivation to turning on him now is that he was a hypocrite with the message that is wrong. If its a I told you so to others, its even worse.

    As to what he did or didn’t do in his private life on this. I don’t what it is. I know I have looked at all of the stories probably at least as close as anyone else that wasn’t there, but don’t have direct access to Bill Cosby and ask him, what do you think about yourself about this to begin with, and if he told me buzz off, its none of my business he would be quite right for me having the audacity to even ask. Without being able to do that, look him in the eyes and ask I am not even starting down the road of judging who he really is. I only know what it appeared with his life’s work, whether it was all him wanting it, or Camille working with her husband on what was worth aspiring to and what image to be projecting, what message to be sending. That all adds up to aspiring and succeeding at something very real and important.

    As to these allegations, they are still allegations. People mixing in that having prescriptions for Quaaludes in the 70’s and planning on having sex with a woman amounts to rape from a perspective of 2015, 30 to 50 years out of context to the time and place. The question of whether you ever gave these drugs to women without there knowledge was never answered. People seem to want to put the intent they don’t there and say it was. Nobody knows his intent in the 70’s or 80’s or any other time, beyond possibly those close enough to know him they would have a very clear idea of the intent of the person they very much know as to what the real intent of what they are capable of or not is.

    A man is being judged here absolutely out of context of time on allegations absolutely out of context of time. If we could yank all of this Nations founding fathers from the grave and all their slaves with them, and those slaves were speaking in terms of the perspectives of slavery in 2015, Bill Cosby would be up for Sainthood compared to them, or probably almost every other person we pull totally out of the context of time, that by their intent in the time, what was considered fine in the time, how they or society would have been judging them in the time, would not have judged them, and certainly not as harshly as he is being portrayed now.

    There is no way to judge this accurately that far out of context unless you know the full context and intent of all parties. What everyone that was involved, that was ever involved to begin with viewed it as then in that moment in time. Why this is even being socially judged up to 50 years latter is like trying to drive a bus from the very back seat of the bus. You can barely see the road at all, let alone drive the bus.

  2. I agree that even though Bill Cosby admitted to giving the accusers drugs, that he has not been charged with anything(yet), on the other hand even if it was consensual, the women didn’t expect anything sexual to happen. I also agree that you should look at the real person, & not the public image. The Phil Spector situation brings in the racial factor to me, because if he was black, I don’t think as many people would still be listening to the music that he produced, jus’ my opinion. PEACE!!!

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