Twitter Fail: Chris Brown’s Attorney ReTweets A Fan Calls Them A Hater H*E!



This is Chris Brown’s Attorney that has saved him from going to jail several times since 2008 and someone tweeted him about Chris Brown needing to get beat up and sent to jail after he was released yesterday and he had no problems retweeting and with the hashtag “HATER HOE” I haven’t heard that since high school. And people wonder why Chris Brown has issues. His lawyer calling people hoes on twitter. This guy is clearly Chris’s enabler, he knows he can get into trouble and he will come to the rescue.

This is just tacky and unprofessional, the person who tweeted this told no lies and clearly the truth hurts.. One day he won’t be able to save Chris from his ways.. It’s amazing what people will do for a little bit of shine on Twitter .. Just tasteless.

  • Coffy Brown

    I can’t and he is supposed to be an attorney – def unethical, unprofessional and totally inappropriate!

  • Venessa Thomas


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  • MrsGrapevine

    Chris Brown does not need to be beat up. If it’s wrong when he does it, how is it right if it’s done to him? Geragos probably knows Chris Brown better than most of us who read the tabloids. Chris Brown needs Jesus and a therapist, now that would be the truth.

  • Calvin Blanco

    he telling the truth though?
    I wonder how Chris reacted to the tweet.
    Probably beat someone up in anger. pahahaha

  • Nic



    Who knew Mark was gangsta! Lol

  • Gigi

    LMAO haterhoe! I have never heard of that. Mark Geragos is a damn good attorney too damn good to save CB but he is smart having him as a client because CB is always in trouble so he going to stay getting paid.

  • KiaSoto

    #haterhoe lmbao