Chris Brown Trying to be About That Life, Caught Throwing Up Gang Signs


Chris Brown knows good and well he is truly not about that life, but apparently he thinks he is…. After “supposedly” ending his friendships and turning over a new leaf since being being released from jail…. He is now showing you that is not going to happen anytime soon as he was caught in the moment, in the club throwing up gang signs…

I don’t know why we would even expect different from Chris, he got out of jail and went back around the same people, just as an unevolved Taurus would do… . He’s gonna keep this mess up until he grows up & changes his surroundings.

Here is what TMZ took and put together from Slowbucks page, just in case it doesn’t play:

Just dumb… I blame Slowbucks for sneak snitching on Chris Brown… I see he is putting people on blast very discreetly, just like he did Swizz Beatz!