Chris Brown Shows His Artistic Side For Charity As He Spray Paints Mural For Kids!


I am really proud of Chris Brown, he is trying to maintain his positive attitude, despite what the critics say. Chris was in Miami, FL painting a Mural with children for charity! It was all for his Symphonic Love Foundation Global Best Buddies Day and all proceeds went to the charity, which helps youngsters with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Joining Chris was world-famous pop star  Romero Britto, but all eyes were on Chris as he worked beneath a reverse  baseball cap, spectacles and sometimes with a cigarette hanging out of his  mouth. Chris didn’t slack off a bit, putting all his  energy into the mural featuring a skeletal cowboy and cartoonish horse that came  alive in front of everyone’s eyes.



Chris spent a lot of time on the finishing touches  too and didn’t quit until everything looked perfect. The charity event is all part of Chris’  effort to change his ways. I think it’s working….




I see that Art  is another one of Chris’s passion besides music. I am glad to see that he is focusing his energy on what makes him happy, instead of dealing with the negative forces that are constantly trying to bring him down and mess up his energy. I am really rooting for him.

  • Venessa Thomas

    I love Chris Brown…..phuck what people say…..

  • titi

    That is positive work

  • TuffaLuffa