Chris Brown Saves Face on Twitter After Video Surfaces of Rihanna and Drake Holding Hands


Yes, it is happening and it is just waiting to be confirmed that these two are an official item, Lets take a moment of silence for my faves one time! The way he caresses her hand tho?

TMZ caught the pair holding hands.. I’m too invested in Aubrih it’s sad. All the best to them Oh and … Chris Brown tries to save face on Twitter and Tweeted  something about his rebound Kae…

Chris Brown Tweets:





Of course he would even say something about Kae, after news about your former love is with the enemy and for real this time…..Not for play!  Maybe he was talking about the rumors swirling of Chris and Kae being over, however it’s perfect timing of everything…..

Ever since Rihanna and Drake have been hanging, he has kept quiet, but now that things seem a bit serious, now he’s probably trying to win her back!  Chris is so transparent!

I was rooting for Chris Brown and Rihanna, but he was a weak boy , the way he tried to play her and now look who is getting played in the end.. More on Aubrhi, Drake  performed earlier Tuesday night and had an after-party at Club Entourage in Manchester England, when a photog got the first real romantic shot of the duo.

They went to a bowling alley after and stayed til 4 AM.

Check out the video of them holding hands here!


10 thoughts on “Chris Brown Saves Face on Twitter After Video Surfaces of Rihanna and Drake Holding Hands

  1. Chris needs to get his life – SMH – Here’s rooting for Rih Rih and Drake – i can dig it – Im over Chris – just as much as I am over Ye’ and Biebs! Bext!!! Drake and Rih are both winning and if she is gonna into arelationship move back , not forward – and step up not down – ya dig!

  2. I think that tweet is about the article that said Kae moved on and out to New York because Rihanna visited Chris Brown in Jan. I think he’s just letting Kae know that although they’re not together, he still has love for her. I think it’s more stalker-ish, and less about Rihanna or Drake, especially since Rihanna and Drake have been going on for a few months.

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