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Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal Wants A Jury Trial In Assault Case


Chris Brown has rejected a plea deal in the assault case that happened in Washington, DC during Howard’s Homecoming weekend.  The prosecutor revealed in court they had offered Brown a deal — reducing the charge to simple assault (he currently faces misdemeanor assault which carries a more severe penalty), but Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos — who was also in court — rejected it .


According to TMZ  authorities have been searching the area looking for surveillance video capturing the run-in. For a long, long time they said they had nothing. Now they seem to be singing a different tune, but haven’t turned the video over to Geragos.  Geragos — who believes his client did nothing wrong — is eager to see the video before cutting any kind of deal. Rehab is doing Chris a world of good, he looks healthy and fresh faced… The best I’ve seen him look in a while.

That was a smart move as of now the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, and all the defense has to do is raise doubt. Easy.

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  • Coffy Brown

    chirs looks real good – I have to agree with you @KiaSoto:disqus – looking real good – Wish him the best – and that was def a smart move for his defense team

  • Venessa Thomas

    They need 2 leave my Breezy alone!! He looks good….fine azz hell!!

  • KiaSoto

    o chris looks great