Chris Brown “ORDERED” To Do 90 Days of Anger Management Rehab “AGAIN”


Everyone is not here for Chris Brown and apparently the judge wasn’t either, just the other day checked himself out of rehab saying that he wanted to do the rest of his town at home and so today he had court and the judge was like “No Ma’am!

The sad part is this was supposed to be just a progress report, but the catch is his probation Officer dropped a bomb that Chris,  while in rehab, flew into a violent rage and started throwing chairs, flipping tables and breaking things, which lead him to be kicked out instead of him just leaving on his own.

The Probation Dept. recommended live-in anger management rehab.The judge agreed with Probation, and ordered Brown to check into a facility for 90 days, and the facility must be in L.A. County and approved by Probation.

The judge is letting Chris juggle his criminal cases and will let him fly to D.C. for court hearings on his criminal assault case. Brown must also submit to drug testing at the rehab facility. He must also take an prescriptions recommended by the rehab place.

The judge also wants a report on the D.C. incident … something that could result in Chris getting his probation yanked in the Rihanna case … which could then result in prison time.

He cannot complain about Charlie Sheen or any white people getting away with stuff anymore. They keep slapping him on the wrists. He needs Jesus and he is fighting against his demons and losing the battle…

  • mb

    Chris is wasting his talents with his anger issues. He really needs to get help before he lose everything he has worked hard for.

  • Coffy Brown

    Well, You gotta pay the cost to be the boss – He is creating his own downward spirtal – Now Im starting to feel some kind of way – The only time people display behaviour like this is when things are eating them up inside – It’s clear with al lhe’s been thru – that he has some things he needs to get to the root of – It’s sad, I used to love Chris, now you couldnt even get me to buy an album of his. I wish he would just get his shit together – he is so busy trying to convey anger as if people respond well to that – He needs to take an approach to life – All Im sayin is attempting to address the same problem with the same means is the definition of insanity – and he is driving himself cray cray

  • MrsGrapevine

    There is a thin line between sane and insane, attacking mamas just might cross that line, if assaulting girlfriend didn’t. We have been saying for a long time this man-child needs counseling, and IMHO JESUS! I have tried to understand this one, but I think it’s too hard to understand cra-cray.

  • Gossipthat

    Hopefully this works


    Yes, I agree! He needs help. Glad the judge ordered him to anger management and not jail.

  • Gigi

    Instead of spending his time hanging w/ Karrueche and releasing a mixtape he needs to get his ass some much needed help.

  • Venessa Thomas

    My poor Breezy. He just can’t win!!! smh