Chris Brown Interviews With The Breakfast Club Says His “Pole” is Only Allowed in Rihanna!

chris brown


Chris is really on his promotion tip for his upcoming album X, Which he dropped his new single and video “Fine China” yesterday. He also confirms that he and Rihanna are indeed together despite reports stating otherwise!. He is getting a bit jealous with ASAP Rocky being on tour with her. He addressed his relationship with Karrueche as more of a “friendship ” and called her his “homie”. I know that had to hurt!


Also he said his “pole” is only allowed in Rihanna and that she can’t date any males, only females. Oh he also said Karrueche can do her thing but don’t be looking too thirsty . They asked him what kind of plan he and Rihanna got. (As in is he allowed to persue relationships with other women?) He says that “I kinda keep my thang in my pants now. I’m more of a respectable dude.” I loved CB in this interview, he seemed very comfortable…   Check the interview below


  • Venessa Thomas

    I phucking lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve him and Rihanna being back 2gether….they are tha baddest!!

  • KiaSoto