Chris Brown Denied Medical Marijuana By Judge

chris brown

Dude is truly getting to be annoying, Chris Brown is complaining to friends that he should be allowed to take medical marijuana for his anger management issues because it’s legal in California. After being ordered to do 90 days in rehab , he doesn’t want to continue using Anti-Depressants, which has been prescribed to him.

He says he doesn’t like the way the medication makes him feel, “He felt dull and thirsty all the time. He had been taking medical marijuana for the last several years, until the judge said Chris couldn’t take it beginning last summer. It was just another instance in which Chris felt he was being treated differently because of his celebrity status According to Radaronline…
The singer is “really trying to move forward from the incident with Rihanna, but feels it’s just going to haunt him for the rest of his life. He believes if he was allowed to take the marijuana things would dramatically improve in his life, immediately. Chris isn’t the monster everyone thinks he is,” the insider added. Let us pray …


  • Coffy Brown

    Roflmao @ that gif – lol Weed does help with anger – Ill give him that!

  • MrsGrapevine

    I don’t blame him. Those anti depressants seem to make people more crazy because they just hate how it makes them feel, and so they often quit, and go into a manic cycle. Before they put him on meds, they need to get to the root of some of these issues. Teach him how to meditate or something.

  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye know he’s PISSED!!!

  • Ladida

    That’s that Bajan voodoo lol he messed with the wrong one.