Chris Brown Calls Diddy & Kanye “Suspect”




Chris Brown who is such the gentlemen has once again went on another Instagram rant on Necole Bitchie’s page talking about Diddy and Kanye being suspect, after Kanye performed for the Hurricane Sandy Benefit!  Fans caught wind of  Breezy’s comment on an Instagram post by Necole Bitchie comparing Kanye West’s Hurricane Sandy kilt to Diddy and Vin Diesel’s.




I think Chris should address the same comment to all Scottish men who wear kilts, and see what kind of response he gets… ” That makes no kind of sense. Kilts go back hundreds of years in Scottish/Irish culture. You see them all the time in parades featuring police officers.

The same with the those long robes Middle Easterners and South East Asians wear. Those robes are dresses to me but I respect the culture enough not to judge someone’s heritage.

Chris Brown needs to knock it off. It wasn’t that long ago there were rumor about your his behind being an undercover gayboy. So please sit your suspect self down somewhere. Pot always trying to call the kettle black!

Those fools right here are trying to be trendy. Unless it is rooted in your culture, you are cross-dressing. Call it what it is.

Trust, the Scottish are looking at these guys like they are fools as well.