Chris Brown Stand Off With Police

Chris Brown Blast Police & Media On Social Media after SWAT Surrounds His Home, Denies Pulling Gun on Woman.

TMZ reports police surrounds Chris Brown’s home early Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 and claimed he pulled a gun on her. TMZ is also reporting there were guns and drugs were found in the entertainers home.

Chris Brown denies pulling a gun out on a woman and takes to social media to speak on the incident with SWAT surrounding his home.  In a series of Instagram, video post-Brown shared on Tuesday morning explaining what happened and how law enforcement showed up at his Tarzana home to investigate an incident of a woman claiming Chris Brown pulled a gun on her…. California has a castle doctrine law which states that you can use deadly force in your home if people pose a threat.

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“Good luck, when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing you idiots,” Brown said in a video posted to his Instagram.
Breezy also blasted the media for misrepresenting the situation. “Barricaded myself in my house? Have you seen my house? I’m gonna barricade myself in a palace,” he said in a second video. “‘I’m not coming out!’ For what? I ain’t did sh–, I ain’t gonna do sh–. It’s always gonna be f— the police, black lives matter.”
As of an hour ago police were still on site on the 5000 block of Corbin in Tarzana.
According to TMZ, the woman who called 911 said Brown pulled a gun on her, and at one point, Brown threw a duffel bag out his window and police retrieved at least one gun, other weapons, and drugs.

Another perfect example of how the media misrepresents the truth. Ray J even takes to social media to defend Brown,

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