Chris Brown and Karreuche Show A United Front On Instagram


Welp I guess the rumors of Karreuche turning her back on Chris wasn’t true.  When Chris came back from DC of course thirsty Karreuche was waiting in the wings for her man. They are losing at life together, good for them. The true story is no one is truly checking for Chris besides his probation officer.

Karreuche had to show the world that everything is all good in the hood. Chile I guess… She captioned the picture. . “Always & Forever”… Can anything be private? And laughing at her for thinking Chris is a prize. She’s no different from the average girl in the hood that has a bum that can’t stay out of trouble. Only difference is her bum is famous. Kae is down for Chris, she is the Tiny to his T.I. He needs to just marry her because no one else is gonna put up with his B.S. the way she will.

  • Venessa Thomas

    A lot of girls want Chris, eye’ll take!!! Rihanna still loves him and she’s checking his azz too. Eye hope this relationship iz real though

  • Keira

    Look if jumped ship when he is at his lowest we would still talk about how she is not a ride or die chick. She seems to look Chris regardless of how misguided we feel that love is. I have been a fan of Chris since run it run it. And it’s sad to with his downward spiral. I hope his mom and aunts can help him and not be his yes man.. Because somes we need some touch love and we don’t know it. Chris get help. Your life can be saved

    • Keira

      Sorry for errors. Stupid iPad

    • Kia Soto

      I hope he can be saved too

  • Nic

    That’s how it works with these celebs right? The chick who is down through all the bullsh*t wins! ♥ :-/

  • Coffy Brown

    Im laughin so hard I got tears in my eyes! I just wish these two would realized they are both damgaed goods!

    • Nic

      They do realize it! That’s why they continue to rock with each other.

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  • MrsGrapevine

    If this was Chris Brown’s everyday, I would get it, but I’m sure she’s in love with someone we don’t know. If he hurts her that’s one thing, but he seems to take good care of her. Rihanna is checking for him, so I bet there are plenty of other girls wiling, too. Shoot Bobby Brown had Whitney Houston; Dwyade Wayne has Gabrielle Union; and Swizz Beatz has Alicia Keys; 50 Cent abusive ass had Ciara.

    • Nicola Gossips

      She should be in school learning to stand on her own, not having some man taking care of her. Karrueche at forty will not be cute.

      • Nic

        You’re talking about her like she’s an educated woman with an impressive resume. All these girls know is how to catch a baller and live rent free for the rest of their lives. They are groomed to be that way. If Chris wasn’t taking care of her… then what? She goes from riding in Lambos and wearing Chanel to working at Target? These girls get trapped in that life. Man, it’s hard going from that to being regular. She ain’t goin nowhere because she can’t! Literally.

        • MrsGrapevine

          Yes and don’t think for a minute that educated women don’t fall for the same BS in real life with men more trifling, and have less money. I know educated women using their credit to buy non working men cars to drive other women around in, talking about “but I love him.” Karrueche is an easy target, but the truth is we know nothing about her except for rumors and gossip. If nothing else she’s a loyal friend, who stands by him when he needs it most.

          • Nic

            I completely agree. She is very loyal.

      • MrsGrapevine

        We should be feeding the homeless and adopting orphans. Everyone don’t always do what they can or should, that doesn’t mean she loves him any less. I think it’s a lot harder loving him than going to school.

  • Gigi

    Karrueche is as stupid as I thought she was. Now the slander she is about to get is deserved. Karrueche’s name should be under the file tab of low self esteem & stupidity.