Chris Bosh’s Home Robbed of $340K Worth of Watches, Rings and Bags

chris bosh and adrienne williams

Oh how Adrienne must be so upset! This all happened while they were celebrating his birthday,  but the police were called around 12:30 to report the goods missing.

Could this be an insurance scam, because there was no sign of forced entry and the culprits made off with an estimated $340,000 in jewelry from Miami Heat star Chris Bosh’s home while he was out celebrating his birthday. Also some easily recognizable items such as Bosh’s Heat championship ring were left behind. Hmmm, left the championship ring behind eh?  Smart move, this was definitely calculated.  I’m here for this!

Miami Beach police say Bosh called them about 12:30 a.m. Thursday after he and his wife returned from the well-publicized party at South Beach’s Bamboo nightclub. The couple noticed a jewelry drawer was open and numerous watches, rings and purses were missing.

Authorities are interviewing housekeepers and checking anyone else who may have had recent access to Bosh’s home.


    Damn While he was celebrating his b-day?! Crazy

  • Venessa Thomas


  • Monke Suit

    Damn that’s some expensive stuff the Bosh’s have laying around.