Chilli Talks TLC Movie, Responds To Pebbles’ Daughter Ashley Reid and More


Recently the TLC movie was released making history for VH1. Not only did The TLC movie make history it also made a lot of people uncomfortable. Chili and T-Boz have been receiving a lot of backlash from the movie, some are saying they misrepresented Left-Eye, some are saying Chilli was sleeping with L.A Reid and the most shocking is how they portrayed Pebbles as a “thief and monster manager. “

If you recall that did not sit well with Pebbles or her daughter Ashley, Pebbles claims she is going to sue, and Ashley took the more ratchet route and put Chilli on blast. Finally Chilli speaks out about the TLC movie, the rumors and responds to Ashley. But,  before that Ashley goes on a LA radio show to confirm what everyone has thought.

Ashley went hard this week, claiming that Chilli slept with her father, LA Reid, during the 1990s. On a show called “All About it Radio,” hosted by LA Reid’s son Antonio, Ashley went into some nasty things about the relationship between Chilli and her father. She even goes so far as to say, “I’m not gonna talk about Chilli sucking my father’s d*ck.”


She’s clearly upset and even bitter. Here are some interesting tidbits:

It was especially weird for me to see a bunch of f-ckin lies…that was interesting…I’m just gonna say this really quick. To the American and some South American people, that I’ve spoken to this past week, honestly I am very, very, very discouraged angered and saddened by how f-cking ignorant and vapid people are. Seriously. …. I’m so used to being on my own planet. For example, growing up celebrities weren’t celebrities to us. They were people who took sh-ts in our bathroom……..

They [T-Boz and Chilli] know what they lied about…They used mostly our family, mostly mom as a p**n for publicity to drive the whole entire film and she was actually in the majority of it. As the devil, as the super villain and common sense will tell you if you continue the whole entire time to point a finger at everybody else and never take responsibility for anything, it usually means that you need to sit your f-cking azz down and take some accountability for something.

Mom woke one day and decided she wanted to make the biggest girl group in the world and went plucked them and their dusty a***s off the corner of the street and then spent almost a million dollars developing them in the basement of our home, paying for doctors bills for food, styling, apartments, transportation, for studio time and etc. For them to then get a production deal with Laface Records, where the actual money was coming from. That is actually how this sh-t works. At the end of day, its not even necessarily a give me credit type of thing, its don’t be lying stank A$$ b-itches. Seriously.

She also went even harder on Chilli, claiming that she has “spread herself around” in the industry. It really got ugly toward the end:

I’m not gonna talk about Chilli my father’s d!ck or most of the d!cks in the industry in the 90′s…That has nothing to do with the fact that she is a lying person, I won’t even call her a wh0re anymore. She’s claimed that we got it.

And here is Chilli’s response.. I’m getting my life from this TLC drama. Keep it coming..LOL

On Pebbles’ daughter, Ashley Reid, lashing out on twitter at Chilli:

“They were little so they weren’t even able to comprehend what was going on between us and their mom because they were children. So I don’t know. I really don’t have anything to say about the kids or anything like that, besides the fact that I hope they’re doing well and understand them being upset because everybody loves their mom.”


Check out the full interview at the JasmineBrand

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  • nishapooh

    I think the movie was very good n I got a understanding of the girls life n the 90s…. I was a lil kid loving there music I use to call the box requesting there video… im happy us as outsiders got to view yall life as the best girl group….. rip left eye tboz n chili keep yall heads up…. im glad yall finally made a biopic…. hell I wish all the 90s groups would do it…. 90s waz the best music ….. now that im an adult I cant go to sleep with out hearing a song from the 90s….. I still got mad luv for yall n good choices n drew keke n lil mama….. every one waz like oh no but I was like lil mama waas the only one who have left eye personality….public eye view….. I watched it 5x already

  • Coffy Brown

    WE still talkin bout these bum bitches Perie and AshKnee – My goodness – fuck them hoes – If I was Chili I would not of even responded – people will feel how they feel till you turn blue in the face trying to say otherwise – What they eat dont make her shit – so why should she even care.. It was the TLC movie to be told from a TLC point of view – If they didnt have haters I would think the movie wasnt right!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Fuck Ashley and her mom….2-liars!!

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