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  • nishapooh

    I think the movie was very good n I got a understanding of the girls life n the 90s…. I was a lil kid loving there music I use to call the box requesting there video… im happy us as outsiders got to view yall life as the best girl group….. rip left eye tboz n chili keep yall heads up…. im glad yall finally made a biopic…. hell I wish all the 90s groups would do it…. 90s waz the best music ….. now that im an adult I cant go to sleep with out hearing a song from the 90s….. I still got mad luv for yall n good choices n drew keke n lil mama….. every one waz like oh no but I was like lil mama waas the only one who have left eye personality….public eye view….. I watched it 5x already

  • Coffy Brown

    WE still talkin bout these bum bitches Perie and AshKnee – My goodness – fuck them hoes – If I was Chili I would not of even responded – people will feel how they feel till you turn blue in the face trying to say otherwise – What they eat dont make her shit – so why should she even care.. It was the TLC movie to be told from a TLC point of view – If they didnt have haters I would think the movie wasnt right!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Fuck Ashley and her mom….2-liars!!

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