Chief Keef’s Step Brother Gunned Down In Chicago




This is really sad, and pathetic with what is going on in Chicago, Chief Keef’s stepbrother, an aspiring rapper from the suburbs, took a fatal bullet to the back of the head on the Far South Side, becoming yet another casualty of Chicago’s shooting epidemic. Sounds like there’s a bunch of crabs running around in chicago.

Ulysses “Chris” Gissendanner III, a 19-year old graduate of Oak Park-River Forest High, became at least the fourth aspiring teen rapper to get shot and killed in Chicago since September. Gissendanner modeled his hip-hop alter ego, “YPN Boomtown,” after Chief Keef, the Englewood teen rap sensation he was related to by marriage. Gissendanner’s stepfather, Alfonso Cozart, says he is the father of Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart. The family connection isn’t believed to have anything to do with Gissendanner’s slaying, though, authorities think otherwise! Read the rest here.

Maybe all these young boys need to focus on something else other than being rappers? Dreams of becoming pro athletes, doctors and lawyers just don’t exist anymore? I wonder if it was retaliation ? You can’t help but wonder that. I know Chicago is out of control and you can’t really say, “what are the odds if it was a random crime,” because in fact it could have been random. But if I was Chief Keef, I’d be thinking things are hitting a little too close to home. And that’s what these knuckleheads do…they just keep retaliating against one another (or your family) until there’s nobody left.

  • Yazmar

    The violence going on in Chicago, and the world is out of control. Just awful! I really don’t see it getting any betterm unless major change starts ASAP!!

  • T-Baby

    That is really sad. Not only Chicago but things are happening all over the world.  Now nowhere is safe!

  • Monkey Suit

    It might be time to MOVE!!!  Chicago’s not safe.

  • KiaSoto

    a dayum shame sorry 

  • Hollywood Hiccups

    Such sad news, such a waste of a young life. RIP!