Caught Out There: Chris Brown Caught Partying Superbowl Weekend, Instead of Being in Rehab


Best Friends Chris Brown and Trey Songz are really close, he even supported him while he went to court in Washington for fighting last year… Well after a judge declined that Chris Brown goes back to jail and continue rehab, he got caught out there this past weekend for Superbowl. Yesterday Trey Songz posted video from his Super Bowl party that contained footage of Chris Brown who was supposed to still be in rehab.



After pictures of Chris Brown at that party  began to circulate online his camp begged Team Breezy to stop posting the pictures.


Of course Trey Songz later deleted the video of Chris partying,  I’m laughing at his team pleading with everyone to delete pictures of Chris at the Party… I know what your saying, didn’t rehab know he was leaving?  Yeah! after he dropped a few hundred dollars and the staff turned their backs. I’m sure he left out a side door *wink wink* Speaking of Chris he was seen going to court hand and hand with his concubine Karreuche:

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  • Coffy Brown

    Damnhe is looking right – but I see he still just as stupid!!! lmao

  • Venessa Thomas

    Chris is protected…he is fine azz hell!!

  • KiaSoto

    U always find the shade and im waiting for the de-icing of the plane )-: chris is a fucking fool

  • cottenkandi

    Well how the hell is it not true? Clearly he was photo’d with Trey Songz. Trey even had photos up. Smh Clowns. -_- Breezy’s looking healthier though.