Bugatti Launches new Lifestyle Collection


You know when I think of Bugatti, I think of that song with Future just screaming and yelling… But nevertheless that was my song…. Well the Luxury auto brand has unveiled  an exclusive apparel and accessories collection.


The collection will consist of two lines, Ettore Bugatti Line and Extreme Performance Line, complemented by a Bespoke Programme only for Bugatti customers. A global retail network of 35 exclusive boutiques will be established over the next five years.


According to Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber the president of Bugatti Bugatti Automobiles, “Bugatti not only stands for benchmark technology and breath-taking performance, but also for art, design and a sophisticated lifestyle. He also goes on to say “This new lifestyle collection represents the DNA of our brand, and creates the opportunity to transport the aura and myth of this automotive icon into other aspects of life beyond the automobile. Through the growth of our retail network in the future we will be able to even more increase the worldwide visibility of our brand and its values ‘Art, Forme, Technique’.”


The line will be dedicated towards the men They took inspiration from historic Bugatti car models, such as the Royale or the Atlantic with its distinctive Center Line, and created dynamic forms expressed as a stripe on the back of cashmere knitwear and inside shirt collars. I already know it will not be long before we see the rappers that love to brag about money, cars and clothes jump on this exclusive brand…. I love the quality and the detail of the product looks very nice. Read more of the new line here!

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