Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Shades Angela Simmons about Copying her on Instagram


We all know that Bow Wow and the mother of his daughter are not on good terms at all and clearly she is not fond of Angela Simmons  either. MissJoie, which is her name on Instagram was posting pics of her breakfast before her work out. She posts daily meals and workout plans on there, well she caught wind of Angela basically copying her and decided to send her a little message with a picture.I really hate when females keep tabs on each other and then throw weak shade over some stupid things like oatmeal? LOL


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But over some Oatmeal though!,

At the end of the day, I think Angela may just be Bow Wow’s “the one”. IG can’t really change that. This is so childish, but I must admit her oatmeal looks prettier! All in all this is Rich girl beef. Whereas ratchets and hood chicks beef over petty stuff like who makes the most money, has the best weave, etc…Rich girls beef over oatmeal breakfast and Yoga poses. She just needs to


  • ShayShay

    Beefing over oatmeal and yoga poses come on now she is not the only one posting shit like that on IG. GTFOH with that.

  • manonyme

    i just so hate tht women have to always be givin other grls the side-eye and havin beef with each other…they need to stick together cuz dudes are the one’s who need the side-eye.
    if she copied her. . .just feel the pride tht u inspired someone else w/ur swag. . .it really is in poor taste to get bogged down in, for lack of a better term, the ratched-ness. then turn around and try to do Y O G A?
    tht is totally antithetical and counterintuitive to the whole concept of yoga and better living, ladies

    • Kia Soto

      i agree!!

  • yazmar

    Ol silly, petty asses

  • Coffy Brown

    This is some bullshit – angela name everywhere theses days – From teyana to Miss Joe (or whatever the fuck it is) – Being rich can make you so shallow!

  • Shay

    But Angela had been doing/ posting things like this your years so for bow wow to “come at her” she was out of line. If anything Angela can say she is copying her oops!

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  • Venessa Thomas

    These chicks are silly


    Hmmm… not even worth a comment. “Rich girl beef” for sure. I got bills #NoBodyGotTimeFoThat

  • Nic

    LMAO @ Rich Girls Beef. U and I make more than Bow Wow baby mama. Lets be clear. Angela is the only rich girl in this post.

    • Elle Brooklyn

      LMAO @Nic… True dat.. LOL

  • Gigi

    I don’t know what it is about Angela but she seems so fake. If I was Joie I could care less and I wouldn’t even waste my time she looks 100 times better than Angela. Bow wow ain’t nobody’s prize I would be happy to get rid of him.