Bow Wow Opens Up About His Engagement, Says He Did It Out Of Love


Bow Wow opens up about his recent engagement to Erica Mena, after Mena broke the news at the BET Awards, now Shad is speaking on wedding plans and how they will be married soon. During a break from shooting “CSI: Cyber,” Bow Wow aka Shad Moss called into “106 & Park” on Monday, where his co-host Keshia Chanté asked him to confirm the reports.

“Yeah, that’s my fiancée on everything,” said Bow.

Bow, 27, and Mena, 26, met on set of the video for his 2006 single “Fresh Azimiz.” “I’ve been knowing her since then and she was supposed to do Lottery Ticket,” he said. “It was the Pisces-Scorpio connect thing. It just happened. If you meet somebody like that and the bond is right, then you gotta go ahead and make it do what it do.”

He assured the public that their relationship is real. “It’s far from a publicity stunt. I’ve never been the type of person to do anything for publicity. I don’t need it. I’m on TV every day. I did this out of my heart, I did this out of love.”

While some have been skeptical about their relationship, Bow said it’s the real deal. “It’s something that’s gonna be here for a long time. This real,” he said.

They have not set a wedding date, but don’t plan to wait too long. “We ain’t gonna wait two, three, four, five years. We gon’ move at Godspeed.”

His fiancée called into Hot 97 on Monday to dish about her engagement. “I’m doing things different with this one,” said Mena, who previously dated female model Cyn Santana. “I’m perfecting this one more than ever.”



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  1. I still say that overall, this doesn’t need to happen. I hope that it lasts though, since they’re already engaged, CONGRATS none the less. PEACE!!!

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