Blue Ivy’s Birthday Pictures & Luxury Gifts


Jay, Bey and Blue were in Miami last week for Blue’s birthday and they rented out an entire theme park for her to celebrate and they invited their closest friends and family. You can see above Kelly, Michelle and her cousin Angie Beyince’ were in attendance. They were at the Wildlife habitat and botanical garden in Miami,.. Check out some flicks that Bey posted on her Tumblr from the party…

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Blue Ivy rides in a mini Lamborgini and a pink Cadillac Escalade truck….too cute

  • Nicola Gossips

    Does Beyonce think photos will steal Blue’s soul? I find this odd. Don’t publish ANY pictures if you don’t want to show her face.

  • Coffy Brown

    All I want is for them to do something ot her hair – i get it – point made – now where is the brush and the blue magic? and hand me them beads an rubber bands over there. – #noshade #lovethemcarters #truthistruth

    • Nic

      The baby’s hair is natural. It’s not long enough yet to really do anything to it. I’m natural.. been natural for 3 years now. Her hair is beautiful and curly. No need for tight beads, braids, or rubber bands. That stuff ruins your hair. We are just accustomed to putting that crap in our baby’s hair because it is our culture.

      • Coffy Brown

        lol – That part was a joke – I mean I understand she has a good greade of hair and she is a kid @disqus_fTXfrnuxen:disqus – but comeo on – Every pic has a strand here and a strand there – all Im sayin is hook lil mama up sometimes – things can be done without damaging her texture and breaking her hair off – sht put a barette and a twist – But I do feel what you sayin –

        • Nic

          lol.. yea. Her hair is growing at a slower rate than most babies. I came out the womb with a head full of hair.. my hair was down my back by Kindergarten, Who’s to blame for the bad hair genes?? Lets go with Jay. lol

          • Coffy Brown

            Indeed – he is too blame – Shit it looks like he spit her ass right out.. – but gave her Bey’s eyebrows.. lol – thas my lil mama – she is too cute – lol shit i came outbald as a bat – but it grows now.. lol

  • MrsGrapevine

    She’s growing up so fast. I didn’t recognize Kelly in that first picture, her face looks rounder…hmmmm!

  • Venessa Thomas

    Dang, it’s her birthday already…time is flying

  • Gigi

    Aww too adorable.

  • cottenkandi


  • DivaWhispers

    She is so spoiled and I love it