Blue Ivy Tells Her Parents “Good Job” After OTR Rehersals “Behind The Scenes”


This video is soooooooo cute… As you know Jay and Bey’s “On The Run Tour” has started  and they released behind the scenes footage of their rehersals…  They show them setting up in Miami, to Jay and Bey rehearsing, but the most adorable part was at the end, when blue was clapping her for parents and yelled out.. “GOOD JOB!”..

This has got me so excited…..

I ADMIRE their mutual respect for each other and their work ethic. I would love just to be in a room with them..I would feel I need to get my hustle on even more than what I’m doing now!


  • Apryl

    I am soooo ready to see her in H-Town!!!!!

  • Gigi

    Their chemistry together is so natural it isn’t forced it’s just natural.

  • KiaSoto

    cant wait the excitement is amazing

  • KiaSoto