Blue Ivy Charms Hampton Residents….

bey blue bunny

Blue Ivy is growing up , A mom from East Hampton overheard her daughter talking to two year old Blue Ivy and she overheard Blue tell her daughter that she was shy..

According to Page Six:

A local mom was gobsmacked on Monday when she went to Ralph Lauren in East Hampton, where her 3-year-old daughter bumped into the adorable first daughter of hip-hop, Blue Ivy.
“The woman overheard her daughter chatting with someone,” said an East End spy. “When she looked over to see who it was, her daughter was speaking with Blue Ivy and Beyoncé.”
The source added Blue Ivy, 2, was “telling the other girl she was shy.” Jay Z then joined the conversation, and “couldn’t have been nicer, asking the other girl how old she was.”


How cute is this…… Love it…