Black Excellence For Essence’s Hollywood Issue: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker & Michael B. Jordan


Essence is celebrating a great year for African American’s in film with their March issue and they have a star studded Black Hollywood features on the cover. Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, Chiwetel Ojiofor and Michael B. Jordan are in their red carpet best for the cover shoot of the special ESSENCE collector’s issue. In the feature, each actor discusses their craft and how they got into character for their powerful roles from 2013.

While preparing for her role as Gloria Gaines in the critically acclaimed film Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Oprah Winfrey’s acting coach told her she should be more sexy. “I don’t think of myself as being sexy and I’m not even sure how one is sexy,” she admits. Her acting coach instructed her: “Every time Gloria walks, pretend that she has a tail. And when Gloria sits down, she doesn’t sit without making sure there’s room for her tail.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor made a huge splash in this year’s 12 Years a Slave, but the role was a difficult one for the actor. He described it as walking the “fine line in between sanity and insanity.” After filming wrapped, it took the actor two months to “come out of it.” He describes why he pushed himself to the limit for the film: “Even though there were emotional moments to shoot, overall I think every member of the cast and crew was there for one reason: They felt it was a tale that deserved to be told.”

I have to agree, last year was a great year for black men and women in film I will be picking up the issue…


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