Bitter: Chris Brown “AGAIN” Mentions Rihanna In New Song Says: “Aint no one better than my Asian.”


This is why this little boy can never get ahead in life, always trying to clap at Rihanna because he’s mad that she’s  moved on with her life and living that stadium status, while he’s still struggling to get a hit. But once again an unevolved Taurus always blaming others for their mistakes instead of looking in the mirror.  An unheard verse from DJ Khaled’s  single “I’m Still” he tries to go in on Rihanna and tries to throw Karreuche in the mix by saying that  she is better than Rih, Rih…. Dude!


Well the reason he feels she is better  is because she let’s him walk all over her, he can be the dirtbag  he wants and she will never ask you any questions because her relevancy depends on you.. Plus she is not a star.. You know whenever they say Karruche they have to link Chris with her.. Where as Rihanna, she can be the star and not have to be linked to anyone for the sake of being relevant.. Anyway…. Check the verse below….

“I’m 24 now, yeah I’m gettin’ older, but I don’t give a f**k, my heart getting colder. Now every ni**a in the industry done f**ked my b**ch, and all my niggas said “I told ya..” 

“P**sy a** ni**as, stop hatin. You ni**as mad cause you f**kin’ with them regular hoes and aint none better than my Asian.” 

Chris has got to be one bitter “NI**A to still be talking about a relationship that has been over and done with since May…. Clearly he is still in love with her and  is salty that Rihanna is the bigger star than him… Mind you when they first got together Chris was the bigger star. He can’t stand the fact that Rihanna is at stadium status and he has resorted to being a struggle… And he is 24 and has a long way to go…. No 1 CURRRRRRRRR! I’m pretty sure Rihanna won’t even respond…


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  • Coffy Brown


  • Venessa Thomas

    Eye like the song…but DAM Breezy!! Slow down man…

  • Gigi

    I really be trying to pull for Chris but but I can’t defend this ish right here. This man is a certified douche bag and will never prosper that is the TRUTH. What I am most pissed about is he has a dope ass artist in Sevyn and she going to take the hit for this because she is associated w/ him. Instead of him not only acting like a mature man for his own benefit he won’t even do it for the benefit of his own artist. She needs to find a new label and disassociate herself w/ him because she is too talented for this idiot to hold her back.

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  • Nic

    IDK what to say about Chris.

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  • MB

    This is the same Chris Brown who cries because people won’t move on from his past mistakes, yet he is bringing up Rihanna in a song? He is so lame!

  • KiaSoto


  • KiaSoto

    That Vietnamese bitch is a basic hoe drop it chris move on!!!

    • Nic

      Tell us how you really feel Kia. lol