Birdman Unbothered By Lil Wayne’s Rant Over Leaving Cash Money…


Welp, Birdman has spoken and he’s not letting Lil Wayne out of his contract no time soon… Birdman is not moved by Lil Wayne’s complaining and wanting off the label that he calls home.

According to TMZ sources close to Birdman tell them that he’s very pissed  by Wayne’s public rants claiming Birdman has tried to derail his career by refusing to release his new album. Weezy didn’t mince words, tweeting, “I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.”

As for the delay of his album,  Birdman says there’s lots of administrative work that goes into releasing a record, and Weezy is just a rapper, not a businessman, so what does he know?

Birdman still intends to release the album, but on his time, not Weezy’s.


Well, I’m here for the mess that’s about to ensue…. I guess Wayne thought he was immune to Birdman’s triflin ways… You can say he just got his wake up call…If he hasn’t already, Wayne needs to lawyer up, pronto…

2 thoughts on “Birdman Unbothered By Lil Wayne’s Rant Over Leaving Cash Money…

  1. Wayne crazy if he thought he was just going to get out that contract without a fight. He should know better than anybody how Cash Money works . Hell he will be lucky if he gets half his royalties.

  2. Of course Birdman is not going to let Wayne out of his contract. There have been rumors for a longtime about the dirty dealings at Cash Money.

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