Bill Cosby Continues To Tour, Sends Another Video Message To His Fans

Nothing is stopping Bill Cosby from his true calling; making people laugh.  The 77-year -old legendary comedian and philanthropist continues to tour and make his fans laugh. Bill Cosby shares two special video messages about his “live” performance in Baltimore, MD (Friday, March 27, 2015 — The Lyric Opera House) and  Charleston, WV (Saturday, March 28, 2015 — Charleston Civic Center).

Bill Cosby

“To all of my adoring fans in Baltimore, MD and Charleston, WV: I thank you for your love, support and trust. Here’s a special video message that’s tailored for you. Enjoy! Hey, Hey, Hey — I’m Far From Finished.” states Bill Cosby.







Bill Cosby should inspire a lot of people to keep going, no matter what’s against you- having the energy strength and determination to keep doing the right thing. Clearly he doesn’t need the money, however Cosby is still sharing his joy with the world-despite accusations, the hate, the cancel TV show, the companies he made billions of dollars for turning their back – proving Bill Cosby is far from finished!!!

Spring has sprung come out and warm up to laughter. Make sure you get your tickets….

6 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Continues To Tour, Sends Another Video Message To His Fans

  1. Dear Lord I Love You In My Heart And My Family And My Friends My Cosbys Friends Bill Cosby And Camille Cosby Evin Cosby Braxton A. Cosby Leon Cosby Merisa Davis Erika Cosby Erinn Cosby And Jesus I Believe The Holy Spirit And I’m Praying To You For Bill Cosby Is Save Amen <3

  2. Bill Cosby is innocent! These women are being strategically talked into going to the media, when the news media stops reporting on it! They are doing this because women’s and rape groups are trying to end the statue of limitations on rape! They have already succeeded in 11 states, and have many petitions on twitter and facebook for the other states! These accusers are ridiculous! 40 women, and they ALL respond the exact same way? GTFOH! No way! At least 1 woman would go to the police, doctor or hospital! I do not believe any of them! None of them an exact date, except Chloe Goins, because they know that Bill Cosby travels a lot, almost daily, and they cannot be sure when he was at home or traveling! AND, Chloe Goins has been proven to be a liar! He was in New York, New Hampshire and Boston the days before and after her accused date! He was not at the Play Boy Mansion party, at all! But, that has been swept under the carpet! AND, she is the ONLY accuser that gave a specific date! Their accusations could be proven or disproven, with an exact date! Their are cameras in the hotels, cabs, brownstones, Play Boy mansion, door men, cab drivers, missed work days, etc., but ALL of these require an exact date! Who forgets the date they were raped? Okay, they took drugs and drank liquor or wine, huh? What day did they go with him, and what day did they wake up? Don’t remember that either? Well, I don’t believe you. Dear Dr. Bill Cosby and Dr. Camille Cosby, Hello Friend! You are Far From Finished! Don’t worry, your fans have your back!

  3. That’s My Friend Bill Cosby!!!! My Favorite Buddy!! 🙂 I Love You Bill Cosby And I Love Camille Evin Erika Erinn Braxton A. Cosby Merisa Davis Leon Cosby I Love All Of You My Cosbys Friends Big Hugs And Kisses Love Our High Functioning Autistic #1 Fan Joshua Cosby

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