Big Meech gives 50 Cent green light to produce BMF film

50 cent


TattleTailzz reported that 50 cent was interested   in doing a movie regarding BMF (Black Family Mafia) and looks like he gets the green light from, the infamous Kingpin himself. According to sources close to Big Meech, he has given 50 Cent the green light to produce a film based on the infamous B.M.F. family…In case you are not familiar with who the BMF family is, to sum it up  they came from Detroit and pretty much took over Atlanta in the drug, club and money scene changing the game forever. They were rumored to be responsible for a few deaths and including  one of Diddy’s bodyguards WOLF as well. Let’s see if this will be one of those films that glorifies drug dealing, sex and sin. 


According to Straight From The A:

The BMF enterprise reportedly earned over $270 million during its run, and Big Meech was ultimately convicted in Federal court under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute. He was sentenced to serve 30 years to life and is currently appealing his convictions.

Tammy Cowins, Meech’s best friend and CEO of BMF Entertainment Group, has been working hard on his behalf to bring his life story to the big screen and now, she’s finally inked a deal that will make it happen!

I spoke with Cowins at length yesterday (June 20, 2014) about the situation and it’s definitely a ‘GO’… she even confirmed that Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson is an integral part of making it all come together!