Beyonce to Make Her Rap Debut With Nicki Minaj on Flawless Remix ?


Nicki Minaj is delaying the debut her second single Anaconda, because she has something special in the works for her fans.  Nicki hinted on twitter, she has good reason…..

According to Missinfo.TV.

Beyonce and Nick Minaj have teamed up for the remix of Bey’s song “Flawless”…and to make the power collabo even more special…Beyonce is spitting her own verse. It’s not the first time we’ve heard Bey rapping (she did it on her ode to H-Town too), and being married to one of the most famous MCs in the world has to rub off, but what if we get an actual King Bey x Nicki bar-for-bar duet??


If they do this, I would be here for it…. I like Nicki as an artist when she is applying herself and to hear Bey really, truly spit would be epic… Nicki has made it known that she would like to work with Beyonce….. So, this could be hot…

5 thoughts on “Beyonce to Make Her Rap Debut With Nicki Minaj on Flawless Remix ?

  1. I’ve heard her rap a few lines here & there, but, there’s a difference in on or two lines, & a whole verse, I wonder how this will turn out. PEACE!!!

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